November 2023 Winner - Vicky Stephens:(Southeast Middle School)


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Southeast Lauderdale middle school math teacher Vicky Stevens is the golden apple teacher of the month for November she says her career path was set early in her childhood "I wanted to become a teacher all my life when I was little I loved working and helping others and I just always knew that I wanted to be a teacher so that was the path that I wanted to choose because I wanted to help other kids learn and do well."

Even after teaching seventh grade for 25 years Mrs Steven says her students still Amaze her. "They surprise me all the time. I am pretty tough on them because I do expect a lot out of them but every time I set the bar high they reach it I love seeing the little light bulbs go off in their head when they actually get something and when they finally get the information and they interact with each other they help each other so it just makes me feel good when we can all work together to reach our goal"

She says that it was some of her Math teachers that inspired her in school, "They were really inspirational to me and I also like using some of their methods that we used in those years for an example I loved Miss Miller when she taught us math she just made the math seem easy and we could actually get it whenever she explained stuff to us so that she was one of my personal favorite Math teachers when I grew up and I learned a lot from her." To those contemplating the idea of teaching Mrs Stevens want you to know it's worth it is a good thing to have a job as a teacher not just for your days off or whatever that's not what it's about the money is not what it's about it's about being and making a difference in a child's life