January 2024 Winner - Charlie Sorto :(Quitman High School )


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Quitman band director Charlie Sorto is the January Golden Apple teacher of the month "I show up to work, I unlock the doors and turn the lights on really the kids do the rest I really am surprised I feel humbled that I'm considered a teacher deserving of a Golden Apple award because I just show up and do my job and try to influence young people to be better versions of themselves."

He says making better musicians is the second most important thing that he does too many times as Educators, "I teach math I teach science I teach English we all teach people and really that's my motto you look on the door of the band hall here says better people first better musicians second and that that's what I come to teach every day as people if I can teach them to be a better person in my classroom they're going to be a better student in math science English History and I know they have a chance at surviving when they graduate and go to college or career."

Mr Sorto says "Music education is very rewarding but comes with a great responsibility I get to start a kid in sixth-grade band and watch them grow not only as musicians but as human beings they come to me as 11, 12 year old kid and by the time they graduate my program they're an 18-year-old young man or young woman that's going off to college many of my students going to be in college bands around the state on scholarship or they go into career field but really it's a unique opportunity and a rewarding opportunity to get to work with these young people and watch them grow as human beings along as musicians. Like I told the students that this award belongs to them just as much as me because I wouldn't be who I am as a director if it weren't for their dedication to the program and to the process and I really am appreciative that I get to work with these amazing young people each and every day."